"If you want to be happy, be."
Leo Tolstoy

About being happy ...

These are the 9 points of the basic philosophy of Louise Hay and what she says about being happy - simple, not always easy! Which one do you agree with most? Which one is a challenge? Let me know!

1. What we give out we get back
If we learn to accept ourselves unconditionally, we will then attract people into our lives who will give us the same unconditional acceptance and love.

2. What we believe about ourselves and life becomes true for us
Have you got limiting beliefs about yourself? It's important to examine "what we believe".

3. Our thoughts are creative
Learn to choose thoughts that nourish you.

4. We are worth loving
We are loveable because we exist!

5. Self-approval and self-acceptance are the keys to positive changes
We need this to love others!

6. We release and forgive the past
We do this in order to be able to move forward.

7. Forgiveness opens the doorway to love
Unconditional love is the key

8. Love is the most powerful healing force there is
It stimulates the immune system.

9. Just be willing!
Affirm "I am willing to experience all the joys of life."

I believe working with affirmations is very powerful and can create the change we desire. We look more at these points in our workshops, giving practical tips on how to implement the most important points for you - see contact page for details of the next workshop.

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